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Conflict Management Training Courses

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Covert v Overt Bullying Examples

By Jan Lawrence | 12 October 2010

A brief article outlining the differences between covert and overt bullying.

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Case Study : Coaching for Building Positive Relationships and Developing People

By Amanda Furness | 12 November 2009

A Sales Director had requested coaching to help him build better relationships, deal with conflict, and develop his team to improve service and increase sales. Having agreed clear outcomes for the coaching, we explored his values, skills and strengths. We completed activities to raise his levels of self-awareness and understanding and appreciation of others. The…

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The Courageous Messenger

By Jan Lawrence | 28 August 2008

Have you ever been in the position of having to speak up about something at work but been very worried about the consequences of doing so? I’m sure everyone has. We often take what seems the easy way out and don’t speak up at all. So the bad practice, or worse, bad behaviour continues.

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Three basic principles for resolving conflict

By Jan Lawrence | 12 June 2008

1. Treat the other person with respect
2. Listen until you feel where the other person shoe pinches
3. As approppriate, say what you think, need and feel.

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