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Butterfly to depict change in public sector

Resilient Skills for Public Sector Managers Leading Change

By Jan Lawrence | 28 February 2013

Background Local authorities and partners are being asked to increase their productivity by doing more with less funding. Councils face an unprecedented period of declining resources and growing demands for their services. New ways of delivering services, different relationships with partner organisations, a range of responsibilities without boundaries and tighter time-frames mean that those tasked…

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Prevent Bullying-Lady holding hand up to say stop

Managers Job Preventing Bullying in the Workplace

By Jan Lawrence | 19 April 2011

Managers need to be aware that an abuse of their positional power will send mixed messages about unacceptable behaviour, and will only serve to condone harassment and bullying. Line managers are also responsible for ensuring that team members perform to an acceptable standard. Because of this, it is important that legitimate concerns or criticisms about…

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Stress Management Training for Managers Case Study – Biffa Waste Services Ltd

By Jan Lawrence | 06 September 2010

So far an estimated 150 managers have attended the Managers Managing Stress courses with collective course evaluations exceeding expectations.

Biffa’s HR Director has stated: ‘The course, which has been rolled out to all our Managers, has been extremely well received and has provided practical and helpful advice in tackling, managing and reducing stress in the workplace. Dot Gourlay’s presentation and interactive style supported by excellent documentation has made the course even more enjoyable.’

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Business people at meeting

Managing Stress at Work: Introduction to the CUSP™ framework for Managers

By Jan Lawrence | 06 July 2009

This is a very simple framework that works equally as well in terms of prevention of stress …

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M&G Investments

Fund Managers Build Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 01 January 2002

“Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity. Resilient people stay committed and increase their efforts when the going gets tough.”

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