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Ask The Expert : I’m worried about a colleague’s mental wellbeing

By Amanda Furness | 20 January 2014

Carolyn Barber answers a question from a reader who is worried about a colleague’s change of behaviour at work

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Resilience for Possible Imminent Redundancy

By Jan Lawrence | 04 May 2011

Problem Solving Highly resilient people have the ability to look at problems and challenges from a comprehensive perspective.  Problems and challenges are viewed from many different perspectives, with many factors given consideration.   It is the ability to accurately identify the causes of an adversity and get outside of their habitual thinking styles to identify more…

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Six Thinking Hats

By Jan Lawrence | 18 January 2011

The Six Thinking Hats is a problem solving and decision making process which is particularly useful tool to help people think in a variety of ways instead of relying on their preferred method of decision making.

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