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Resilience Definition

Resilience Resources

New Resilience Resources Page

By Jan Lawrence | 14 August 2015

Our New Resilience Resources page has been developed to offer our readers an on-line library on all aspects of resilience.

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Resilience definitions

Resilience Skills : An A – Z of definitions of the terms used

By Amanda Furness | 30 March 2015

A helpful resource which provides a round up and explanation of the terms commonly used when discussing the topic of resilience skills.

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Human Resources

Building Resilience Among Workers – HR Magazine

By Jan Lawrence | 08 January 2014

An article by Peter Crush: Building Resilience among workers in the economic upturn   This article in the  HR Magazine debates whether “Resilience” is just the latest buzzword in Human Resources and questions whether we should be focusing on resilience in teams at work or at the individual level. Director of In Equilibrium, Alastair Taylor…

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Resilience - Flowers growing through tarmac

Defining Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 19 May 2013

  We have created a short animated video describing resilience and providing a definition of resilience. Just a bit of fun really, but let us know if you like it and we will do some more! Defining Resilience Stay Calm Under Pressure Absorb High Levels of Adversity Bounce Back from Setbacks Recover Quickly from Problems Maintain…

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What is Resilience?

By Jan Lawrence | 16 August 2011

Resilience and the Adversities of Life Life is full of experiences of adversities.  Some of them are external such as fires, earthquakes, floods, wars, or violence.  Some of them are within the family, such as divorce, separation, abandonment, or loss of a job, home, or loved one.  And some of them are within the individual,…

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