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Reducing Tension

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“Smile, though your heart is aching”

By Jan Lawrence | 28 August 2012

Recent research suggests that this lyric may provide good advice.

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

By Jan Lawrence | 27 June 2011

Sometimes worrying that we may have a problem causes more anxiety than being faced with fact and acting upon it.

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Wake up and Smell the Roses

By Jan Lawrence | 18 April 2011

When you feel tense and are looking for a quick remedy, the natural answer may be just in front of your nose.

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Taking Control of Your Life Actions to Reduce Stress

By Jan Lawrence | 25 March 2011

When you are feeling under pressure, it is important to identify the main pressure points affecting you both at work and at home and to recognise that some sources of pressure are outwith your control.  Sources of pressure over which you do have control can be tackled using a variety of strategies. There is no…

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Managing Stress at Work: Uncertainty Reducers

By Jan Lawrence | 07 October 2010

As uncertainty increases so do feelings of anxiety and insecurity. This increases the risk of stress. Approaches that reduce uncertainty and ambiguity reduce the risk substantially. Many of these approaches involve communication and decision making. Reducing uncertainty is particularly important in times of organisational change when the risk of stress is high.

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Worries and stress

Productive v unproductive worries

By Jan Lawrence | 23 December 2009

Productive worries are those concerning situations which we have control over. Time spent thinking about these situations may result in our taking action and therefore being productive.

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