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Bullying behaviours you may recognise

Bullying Behaviours You May Recognise

By Jan Lawrence | 20 January 2016

A short film (around 3 mins) which highlights some behaviours you may witness in the workplace which you may not initially associate with bullying.

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Thinking Spiral

Stop Negative Thinking Spiral

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2014

A short video about the way in which thinking can impact on behaviour. Part of a series on ways to control negative thoughts. More coming soon.

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Negative thinking

Definition of Negative Thinking

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2014

A short video which defines negative thinking and demonstrates the impact it can have on us and our daily lives.

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Conversation at work: Man and woman shaking hands

Managing Mental Health at Work: Conversations

By Jan Lawrence | 20 November 2013

A five minute video providing suggestions about how to have a conversation about mental health issues at work.

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Pilots in cockpit - Taking Responsibility

Resilience at Work: Taking Responsibility

By Jan Lawrence | 29 August 2013

Taking responsibility for the choices you make is a key area of resilience. If you have too much work, it’s really your responsibility to let your boss know you have too much work, or to let your manager know. If you don’t and you miss your deadlines, it’s going to affect the way they perceive you, and that…

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Fence - setting boundaries

Resilience at Work: Setting Boundaries

By Jan Lawrence | 22 August 2013

Another part of resilience is setting boundaries. It is important to take responsibility for setting boundaries around your workload. That means you may need to have a conversation with your manager.

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Chain depicting stress and resilience

Resilience at Work: Stress and Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 17 July 2013

The Relationship between Stress and Resilience Definition of stress Stress – the moment you perceive you can’t manage the pressure, whatever that pressure is, be it work, too much work, relationship difficulties. Your body goes through the stress response so your body goes through fight, flight or freeze and what’s very interesting is what happens to the brain. For example, the moment your…

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Resilience - Flowers growing through tarmac

Defining Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 19 May 2013

  We have created a short animated video describing resilience and providing a definition of resilience. Just a bit of fun really, but let us know if you like it and we will do some more! Defining Resilience Stay Calm Under Pressure Absorb High Levels of Adversity Bounce Back from Setbacks Recover Quickly from Problems Maintain…

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